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0090 242 444 51 56

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Per Person EUR42

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    4 hours



    With Pick-up


What to Expect

Enjoy a day full of recreation! However, before you can indulge in this pleasure, your body is purged of all environmental toxins. This begins with a salt therapy from the outside. After a comprehensive shower, salt, the white gold, extracts your body's unnecessary ions. With a subsequent steam bath, sauna courses, or both, the rest of the toxins are then swept out of your body together with your sweat. In the hamam, all pores are opened then by a whole-body peeling and the subsequent aloe vera foam massage. Now your body is ready to be pampered. Aloe vera or isparta rose oil massage, aloe vera head massage and a facial mask complete the pampering program.


  • Sauna
  • whole body peeling
  • whole body foam massage
  • oil massage

What's Included

  • Transfer
  • Foam massage
  • Full body peeling
  • Oil massage
  • Sauna
  • Turkish Steam bath
  • Face mask & Massage
  • Salt Cabin

What's Not Included

  • Lunch
  • Beverages
  • Foot Massage

Local Service Provider

  • Meetingpoint
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Time table

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Weekdays approx. Pickup Time - Back
Montag By appointment*
Dienstag By appointment*
Mittwoch By appointment*
Donnerstag By appointment*
Freitag By appointment*
Samstag By appointment*
Sonntag By appointment*
Pick up Point: At the security gate
Info: *) As it is an activity without a minimum number of participants, an exact pickup time cannot be specified in advance due to organizational reasons. On average, the pick-up times for morning tours are around 09:00 am and for afternoon tours around 01:30 pm.
The binding and exact pick-up time from your hotel will be provided the latest by 19:00 on the day before the excursion by e- Mail or telephone. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.


his activity was rated less than 5 times. To ensure maximum objectivity, we publish only from 5 reviews.

Procedure of Evaluation
After completion of the booked activity you will have the opportunity to evaluate the providers and the booked activity over the evaluation system of Excursions24. The aim of Excursions24 evaluation system is to create a meaningful and appropriate profile on performance, reliability and trustworthiness of the provider.
after entering your e-mail address (your username) and your booking number (your password) you can login into the customer platform and leave your feedback.

Truthful Evaluation
You are obliged to provide only factual and truthful statements. Inaccurate, irrelevant, offensive statements, etc. are prohibited. Excursions24 expressly reserves the right, without giving any reason to delete such statements. Excursions24 also has the right to exclude you from further use of Excursions24 booking platform and to delete your account. Excursions24 as the affected providers reserve the right to take further legal action, especially claims for damages.

Cancelation Policy:

In case of cancellation of a booked activity before tour departure or no-shows or for a reason which is not listed as a case of cancellation (see below), following cancellation costs come into effect:

• 1 day before tour date: 50% of the tour price.

• 0 days before tour date: 100% of the tour price.

Free cancellation is possible if the customer informs Excursions24 as soon as possible about the travel inability (see below) and sends a medical certificate with diagnosis or a police report. No refunds are available once a tour or service has commenced, or in respect of any package, accommodation, meals or any other services utilized.

A cancellation free of charge is possible in following cases:
1. The customer is unable to travel or the continuation of the tour is prevented
2. Serious accident or disease of the customer, his spouse, his children, parents or parents in-laws
3. Death of persons listed above or sibling, grandparent, grandchild, children in-law of a tour participant
4. Sudden unforeseen severe pregnancy symptoms
5. allergic reaction to vaccines
6. Unforeseen recurrence or exacerbating of a chronic illness
7. Significant damage (fire, elementary events, or the criminal act of a third party) to the property at the place of residence of the customer which makes the presence of the customer absolutely necessary.

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